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The Best Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are extremely important to online casino players. Casino players are always on the lookout for extra cash in which to use to play their favourite online casino games and rightly so. There is currently massive competition between land based casinos and online casinos, the latter of which are doing their upmost to persuade players to not only play at their online casinos but also to stay loyal to them. It is for this reason why the bonuses on offer to online casino players are becoming better and better.

Fortunately for you, we have outlined below the best casino bonuses that you can receive from online casinos. We have outlined the main advantages and disadvantages to each of them so that you can easily identify which are the best for you.

First deposit bonuses

First deposit bonuses almost always give out the best value for money, especially if you find a casino which offers a large deposit match bonus. Most online casinos will offer a 100% first deposit bonus to players for signing up whilst some can offer up to 400%. First deposit bonuses also give players the option to test out a variety of new online casinos whilst receiving a large amount of these bonuses at the same time.

Advantages of first deposit bonuses:

1. You can double, triple and sometimes even quadruple your starting bankroll.
2. You are able to test out a variety of casinos all whilst you receive bonuses from each of the casinos you try out.
3. Allows you to use the casinos’ money to gamble with rather than your own.

Disadvantages of first deposit bonuses:

1. Some casinos have maximum cash outs for first deposit bonuses – e.g. at some casinos you can only cash out 10 times the deposit amount. If you deposit £100 you can only cash out £1000.

First deposit bonuses certainly have more positives about them than they do negatives. If you are looking to deposit at an online casino for the first time, ensure that you choose the best one - take a look at a list of the best first deposit bonus casino options. When it comes to picking a casino, ensuring you are choosing one with a fantastic first deposit bonus should be high on your agenda.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are usually highly sought after by new online casino players. On the face of it, no deposit bonuses are extremely appealing – a casino gives you money to play with at absolutely no cost to your own bank account. Although no deposit bonuses are great to practice with, it is usually highly unlikely that you will ever be able to withdraw the money you earn using your no deposit bonus.

The majority of online casino sites will require that you wager your no deposit bonus a minimum of twenty times before you are allowed to withdraw any winnings that you make using this bonus. Some casinos even require this number to be wagered a total of fifty times.

Advantages of no deposit bonuses:

1. You do not have to deposit any of your own money in order to play.
2. You can play your favourite casino games using the casino’s own money.

Disadvantages of first deposit bonuses:

1. It is very unlikely you will ever be able to withdraw the bonus.
2. The no deposit bonus itself is usually a small amount - around £10.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins are bonuses which are usually given to online slots players. Online casinos, especially those which are famed for their online slots games, regularly offer free spin bonuses both to new players who have just signed up as well as to players who play regularly at the casino. Free spins offer players the chance of winning money without having to stake any of their own money. If you are a slots player, you should always find an online casino which rewards their loyal players with free spins. A lot of casinos are so concerned with attracting new players that they forget to ensure that their current crop of players is happy. So always do your best to look through what loyalty bonuses your choice of casino has available to you.

Advantages of free spin bonuses:

1. Free spin bonuses can come in very useful for regular online slots players. You never know when the free spin you are given will hit the jackpot.
2. They can help you build your bankroll up early if you are able to win some money via your free spin bonus.

Disadvantages of free spin bonuses:

1. Unless you receive a lot of them, it is unlikely that they will win you any significant amount of money.

VIP Bonuses

VIP bonuses are bonuses that are offered by online casinos to only their most valuable players. To be given VIP status by a casino it is often the case that you have to be very rich. Casinos like players with large amounts of money in their account – the more money a player has the more money a casino can win. Often, casinos will award these players VIP status and offer them gifts for staying around and playing at their casino. Premier League footballers, for example, are often tempted in by online casinos with VIP status. The online casino in question will almost never offer the player any freebies, if a VIP player loses a large chunk of money then it is likely the casino will offer a small bonus in order to keep the VIP happy, despite their big loss. The casinos want to keep these players around.

Some VIP bonuses can include:

• All expenses paid trip to Las Vegas
• A day out at the horse races
• Holidays to the Caribbean
• Supercars

Advantages of VIP bonuses:

1. Prizes can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.
2. You can be treated to a real life of luxury.

Disadvantages of VIP bonuses:

1. Bonuses are usually only reserved for losing players to make them forget about their losses to the casino.
2. Have to be already rich before you are deemed as a VIP by a casino.

Casinos will always offer players bonuses for signing up to their online casino because the competition is so fierce. For all of you casino players out there, you should hope that the competition between casinos becomes even more competitive as this way the bonuses may become even better than they are now. But for now, it can be said that the best bonuses are the first deposit bonuses due to the fact that they can offer you, at the very least, double your initial deposit.