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Online Slots Revolutionize Gaming Action

Virtually all gamblers are familiar with classic three-reel slots, which have been around since the 1800s. The play is simple to understand, and so are the potential pots that you can win.

That simplicity makes classic slots among the most popular games of chance, whether you play in a traditional casino or at an online gambling website. When you play online, though, you get the benefit if many more versions of your favorite slots games, plus many new ones.

All you need is high-speed Internet access, plus a compatible web browser. Virtually all of the popular web browsers currently in use should work well with the best online casinos.

Even better -- your browser and supporting flash player will give you visually enhanced slots fun, from the comfort of your home. That means many great bonus rounds, free spins and jackpot plays.

Online slots also are looser than those you find in traditional casinos. Instead of an average payout of about 94 percent, like you would find on the Las Vegas Strip, online slots are more generous.

It's easy to find online slots that pay back 98 percent or more of the money that go into it each day. That does not mean you are assured of winning, but it does give you a much better chance against the house.

Progressive Jackpots Grow Faster Online

You even could try to become a millionaire by playing progressive slots online. When you and others play a progressive slot, a portion of each wager from each play goes into an ever-growing jackpot. Until someone wins that jackpot, the amount keeps growing.

In many cases, a progressive jackpot will start at a minimum of $1 million or so. By the time someone wins it, it could be worth several million dollars or euros, and make you an instant millionaire.

The progressive jackpots for online slots tend to grow faster than they would at a land-based casino. That's because more player can access the games when playing online, due to traditional casinos having space limitations.

When you go to a land-based casino to play progressive slots, you are lucky it you can find one or more available machines, out of maybe three to five total progressive slots on the casino floor.

An online casino, though, can link together as many progressive slots as its technology and server space enable. That means potentially dozens of people or more playing the same progressive slots at any given time.

With so many potential players, the jackpots rise quickly. Those who play the progressive slot are randomly chosen by the game's random number generator to have a chance at winning the huge jackpot and becoming a millionaire.

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